We are proud that we serve our clients with optimum performance while using quality products. We adhere to the principles of the U.S. Green Council as we firmly believe in using products that promote the preservation of our environment. Our diversity of maintenance skills, our commitment to the future and to the support of our clients gives the facilities manager a complete package. Experience and reliability. When you need service - count on Reliable, everyday, all the time.

"With Reliable Concepts, I don't have to downsize and upsize. My engineering and maintenance staff remain constant while Reliable takes care of peak demands. Reliable Concepts expands the power of my small team by allowing us to have big team results."
William Maloney, Facilities Manager, Spectra-Physics


Specializing in Tenant Improvement Projects we have the experienced personnel to fully execute your facility transition! Taking the lead on project plans and budget reviews, development and presentation of schedules and timelines, interacting with cities local and state regulatory agencies in the application of ordnance and code requirements for project approval, and of course delivering the project on-time and within budgets. Getting you in your new facility without delay is our Focus!
We have a range of professional employees who are fully trained in Facility Management to assist facility managers in miscellaneous building needs including setting up and managing preventative maintenance schedules, vendor management (including landscaping, janitorial, HVAC, plumbing, etc.), budget reviews, conference room assignments (setups and teardowns), hot/cold service calls, and of course a variety of miscellaneous maintenance calls. Design & CAD Support Services "Red Lines", as built drawings, design develop and establish project objectives, needs and requirements.
Our electrical experts can help troubleshoot many of your problem areas. Additionally, we can setup regular light bulb and ballast replacement programs to ensure you building is highly efficient and always in top working condition. 
Our HVAC technicians can help ensure your units are properly maintained with our preventative maintenance program. Servicing your units on a regular basis we can keep your units in top working condition, allowing you to beat the heat in the summer, and stay comfortable in the winter.
 As part of our tenant improvement and construction services, we can perform a variety of plumbing and fixture installations. Additionally, our emergency response program and service coverage for drain backups, slow draining areas, and steady leaks or flooding will help you maintain your building quickly reducing the amount of potential damage.
Rough and finish carpentry. Drywall taped and texture. Patch and painting. Door hanging and adjustments. Window replacement. General maintenance.
Our painting service has been one of our top producers in ensuring high customer satisfaction ratios and quick and efficient delivery. Give us a try on one of your walls so you can see the "Reliable" difference!
We have a variety of "Handy-Man" technicians who are ready to help you with the miscellaneous building maintenance needs. Give us your to-do list and our specialized technicians will take care of it for you in no time!
Our high impact Landscaping service utilizing a variety of cost saving techniques to ensure we keep your cost low and your landscape looking immaculate. Utilizing slow growth maintenance techniques and regular inspections, you can be assured your landscape will look great all year-round.

Ask about our unique and proprietary Water Management Program. With the looming water restrictions we face in California, stay ahead of the curve and implement a water management program today. Save Water, Save Money!

Additionally, we have our own fleet of parking lot sweepers and pressure washing machinery to complete your exterior cleanup package. Bundle up and save! 
"Ultratech Stepper, Inc. is in a highly visible environment dealing with very expensive equipment in the semiconductor equipment industry. The appearance of our entire facility is extremely important in customer perception. Reliable Concepts and Brilliant General Maintenance have done a superb job in keeping the facility in great shape over the past eight years." Art Zafiropoulo, CEO, Ultratech Stepper
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